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Connecting poultry growers that have litter, a locally-sourced, organic and slow-release fertilizer with those who need it – from grain farmers to mushroom growers to alternative users and everyone in between. Connect through simple messaging and notification features. Register today to start selling, buying, moving and applying.

Sell It

Poultry growers will be able to list their litter for others to find. Listings will include locations, tons available, type of birds, nutrient content and more.

Buy It

Farmers will be able to review listings, utilizing features such as purchasing from those closest or those having just the right amount they are looking for.

Move It

Anyone that provides services such as clean outs, crusting, windrowing, or hauling will be able to share, connecting them with growers and farmers

Apply It

Anyone with the equipment to apply the litter can share their information, making it easy to spread this valuable fertilizer. A great marketing opportunity for any custom applicators.

Connect your poultry litter with the market in five easy steps

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